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Welcome to AzerMDS!

We are here to learn new skills, gain knowledge and teach others.

We provide our country with doctors who are not only dedicated to the study of medicine, but also to sex education, to the education of their colleagues, to explore the medicine of other countries, to learn about international research, to influence public health, to fight for human rights.

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Founded in 1992

8000+ students


Standing Committee on Medical Education

This committee aims to improve and support the quality of medical education through extracurricular activities.


Standing Committee on Professional Exchange

This committee covers exchange programs that are organized by medical students, for medical students and aims to improve the practical skills of medical students and familiarize them with new healthcare systems.


Standing Committee on Public Health

This committee aims to actively engage medical students in public health issues and awareness campaigns.


Standing Committee on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights including HIV and AIDS

This committee targets medical students' active participation in sexual and reproductive health, rights and HIV / AIDS awareness.


Standing Committee on Research Exchange

This committee aims to increase the scientific research skills of medical students by organising research exchange programs.


Standing Committee on Research Exchange

The committee aims to increase students' knowledge of human rights and peacebuilding and to teach them the knowledge and skills to act in accordance with human rights and courtesy rules, both in workplace and everyday life.


Exchange Program

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You're required to fill out the AzerMDS membership form to become a member. The form remains active throughout the membership week, announced once a month. You can find out about our membership weeks by following our social media accounts. You can access the membership form by clicking on the website's "Join Us" button. When filling out the form, we recommend you provide a thorough explanation under each section and get yourself acquainted with the presentations carefully. It will help you choose a membership type (active or passive) that suits you the most. You're required to check the Internal Code of Conduct that is introduced to you at the end of the form and then accept the terms. You can submit the form both in English and in Azerbaijani.
By joining AzerMDS, you can enhance not only your medical knowledge and skills but also explore global healthcare systems closely, develop research, communication, and leadership skills. Also, you can create a new environment for yourself, discover the world and have access to a range of international opportunities. Additionally, by organizing events, running projects actively, drawing up policy papers related to medical topics, and networking, you may take matters into your own hands.
To become a member, a sufficient command of English is not mandatory, but desirable. We would also like to mention that during Team of Officials and Assistant calls, as well as for external representation English may be required.
AzerMDS is a non-profit founded by students for students. Therefore, classes and exams are taken into consideration, but correct time management and preserving active membership depend entirely on individual skills and members' quality.
First of all, get familiar with the presentations about membership and standing committees in the membership form. This will help you have a first impression of the standing committees. Afterward, you can watch our "101" webinar series about standing committees from our YouTube channel. We also recommend considering how much your personal interests, skills, and future plans match the standing committee you want to join.
There is no need to become a member of any standing committee for this. It is sufficient to follow our social media accounts. Each year through September - October, an open call is announced for the exchange program, the applicants of which are required to take an exam. The exam aims to evaluate basic medical knowledge in English. Afterward, successful applicants are invited to an interview, where they are expected to rank three countries of preference and later on four departments throughout the admission process. An exchange placement is offered considering the applicants' overall score, while the hosting organization determines the hospital/clinic department.
The exchange fee (approximately €300-590 participation fee depending on country of preference) includes the cost of your one-month-long experience during the exchange period, accommodation, and one meal a day. The students who want to participate in the exchange program should cover their travel costs. If the hosting organization can't provide one meal a day, this service will be substituted with pocket money. You will be assigned to a contact person who will guide you through your stay. Moreover, a tutor will supervise you in the department. In most cases, the program will include social activities as well.