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IFMSA August Meeting 2012 (India)AzerMDS is a full member of the International Federation of Medical Students' Associations (IFMSA) since 2007. As a full member, we participate in IFMSA General Assemblies (GAs) (August Meeting and March Meeting), European Regional Meeting (EuRegMe), Subregional Trainings (SRTs) and other IFMSA events. Every AzerMDS member has the right to apply for AzerMDS delegation for General Assemblies and European Meeting. Also, every member can apply for any IFMSA related events (Camps, Summer Schools, Subregional Trainings, Exchange Weekends and also external events like World Health Assembly, AMEE Conference, international or local internships and etc.).  Priority for attending such events is given to active members, who participate in/organize various projects.